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heavy series over braided flexible metal conduit heayv series conduit fittings for petro chemical pl

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Subject : heavy series over braided flexible metal conduit heayv series conduit fittings for petro chemical pl
Post Date : 2017-04-21
Main Category : Chemical, Plastic, Rubber & Environmental Conservation
Secondary Category : Chemical Products relative selling leads or buying leads
Country : China
Offer Type : Offer to sell
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heavy series over braided flexible metal conduit heayv series conduit fittings for petro chemical plant wirings,over BRAIDED FLEXIBLE CONDUIT
Braided electrical flexible metallic conduit for ship building industry
Flexible Metal Conduits For Offshore & Heavy industrial Electrical Wirings

Delikon brings great experience and flexible conduits systems to Heavy Industry & Offshore Applications. These applications require the emphasis on safety, security, and longevity. It also requires ease of maintenance.
Flexible Metallic Liquidtight & Waterproof Conduits
These metallic liquidtight and waterproof conduits are used to protect the vital network of cables that transfer information and electricity. They combines the value-added benefits of durability, chemical resistance, waterproof connections, ease of installation, and reduced friction all in one cost-effective system.
Braided-shield Flexible Metal Conduits
Braided-shield flexible conduit provides excellent Radio Frequency, as well as mechanical protection, resulting in improved data transmission.

Contact Information
Company : Delikon Electrical Flexible Conduit And Fittings Factory
Country : China
Contact person : de ko

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